THERMO-RESPONSE 125 Squash Racket

“revolutionary technological innovation, ThermoCarbon™ construction & 125 DynamicWeight™ provides the perfect combination of power, manoeuvrability & feel”


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THERMO-RESPONSE 125 Squash Racket


  • Description

      The UNSQUASHABLE THERMO-RESPONSE 125 racket is the lightest racket in our THERMO-RESPONSE series to offer the highest levels of maneuverability from our latest player inspired revolutionary frame geometry.

      Combining unique and thoughtful engineering developed in conjunction with our growing number of ambassadors and professional players, our UNSQUASHABLE THERMO-RESPONSE 125 features a revolutionary AntiTorsion™ throat design which allows the main strings to wrap around its inverted underside to enhance string bed resilience and deliver increased levels of player feel and feedback.

      • Headsize: 500 sqcm
      • DynamicWeight™: 125 grams
      • Head Light Balance
      • Construction: Powered by ThermoCarbon™
      • UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO 1.20 DuraFibre™ String
      • String Pattern: 16 x 17
      • UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO Performance PU Grip

      Other leading-edge UNSQUASHABLE performance features include an aerodynamic tapered PowerProfile™ frame geometry and ThermoCarbon™ construction for increased frame strength and stiffness as well as reduced shock for enhanced player feel.

      The headlight balance of our THERMO-RESPONSE 125 racket is complimented by a unique concave cross section around the 500 sqcm hitting area to maximise sweetspot size and a uniform 16 x 17 string pattern.

      All UNSQUASHABLE performance rackets are fitted with UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO 1.18 DuraFibre™ string & UNSQUASHABLE TOUR-TEC PRO Performance PU Grip.


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